Injury strikes!

Hi (she says with a glum face while sounding like Ross from Friends).

Injury has struck and I am feeling rather low. I don’t quite know how it happened. I was in the gym doing 3 sets of 10 pull ups, 16 thrusters and 600 metre walks. I’m not allowed to run because of my ankle but I can walk fast – or so I thought. My foot started to cramp up on the third 600 metre walk but, once I stretched it, it seemed fine. Throughout the rest of the day my ankle gradually got more and more painful. So I did what the physiotherapist recommended – I rested while icing my ankle and keeping it elevated.

It seemed okay the next day, still sore but manageable so I went for a swim. I thought this would be the best exercise to do, even though my ankle was still hurting. I was wrong. A 3000 metre session later, with all the tumble turns and push offs from the wall, and I was in agony to the point of tears. Injury sucks!

This had a major knock-on effect towards my diet. I was emotionally distraught and I did the very thing I swore I wouldn’t ever do – I sat on the sofa and ate chocolate to make me feel better. It didn’t. It made me feel worse; worthless and fat. After contacting the secretary of my surgeon and arranging for an appointment to be sent in the post, I went on a binge, eating lots of chocolate and crisps. And then, when the scales kept moving up and my mood continued plummeting down, I decided to watch a film on Netflix.

I love watching documentaries, especially about nature and food. Food is a topic that should be so simple and yet is so baffling. Do you eat meat or do you become vegetarian? Is flexitarian better for you than veganism? Organic or non-organic produce? Watching food documentaries helps by giving me a clearer picture of what’s going on. Yes, sometimes I’m still left with dilemmas but the overall effect after watching a food documentary is the same – with me reciting to myself “I must make healthier choices”.

The film I watched is called ‘Food Choices’ and I would highly recommend it. It really helped to get me back on track with my eating. Despite not being able to train the way I have been lately, I can certainly ensure that I’m eating the best foods I possibly can eat. I would recommend doing this to anyone struggling with food and bad choices. Watch a food documentary before picking up the chocolate and crisps. You’ll definitely think twice after watching.

So, until my appointment comes through I’m limited to what I can do physically. I’m not limited, however, to what I can do to improve my health. There will always be ups and downs when trying to better myself, both physically and emotionally. The trick is to always come back fighting and that’s what I hope I’ll continue to do.


2 thoughts on “Injury strikes!

  1. Oh, no! I’m sorry that I’m late for commenting! I hope you feel a lot better! Injuries are the worst, so I hope your ankle is much, much better!

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