Easter hangover

Hi there!

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter weekend. I can’t believe it’s Easter Monday already.

I gorged my way through Easter Sunday, eating more sugar and calories than necessary and all in the name of tradition. Did I say tradition, I meant gluttony. I pigged out and used Easter as an excuse to eat to excess. I think we all tend to eat far too much of those cone-shaped chocolate treats, especially kids.

When browsing through the paper, I saw this picture highlighting the amount of calories and sugar found in a Cadbury’s creme egg:

17634799_1275062392543689_8514834548465937931_n (1)

7 teaspoons of sugar! How many of us polished off one of those eggs over the weekend? I know I did. And that’s just a little creme egg. I don’t even want to think about how many teaspoons of sugar were in the bigger ones I ate.

When I started this blog in January, I did so to help me become a better version of myself.  I was determined to improve my body and my mind. Things went really well at the start. When I took up the lent challenge of giving up sugar, I was full of positivity and determination. But as soon as I gave in to cravings and fell off the sugar wagon, it seemed I couldn’t motivate myself to get back on track again. I still trained hard but my diet just wasn’t on point since. When I looked back at my diary entries and blog posts when I wasn’t eating sugar, I seemed…better. I had more energy and felt more focused. I was certainly less negative than I feel right now. Sugary choices seemed to take over and I always found something or someone else to blame other than myself. My husband and daughter were still eating sugar when I gave it up and yet, when I started eating sugar again, it was their fault! I gave up personal responsibility and relied on excuses.

So today I’m going back to day 1. No more excuses – no added sugar, no processed foods, just clean wholesome food. Despite trying and failing last time, I’m going to keep on trying and I will succeed eventually – how could I not with all of you guys to help me!

That’s it for now but I’ll update you on my progress later this week.

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