Nobody’s perfect

Hi everyone!

I hope you’re all having a great Monday. I finally made it back to the gym today. It’s been two weeks since I last trained. Two. Weeks. I’m thankfully over my cold now, though still had a few coughing fits in the gym this morning so I must remember to take it easy.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, yesterday was Mothering Sunday. Until then, I’d gone 25 days without having any added sugar. My husband and daughter took me out for a meal so I wouldn’t have to cook. And then came the dessert question. Would I like dessert? I’m sure if I’d been able to train and been focussed about my goals I would have declined. Instead, I opted to have dessert. I broke my Lent goal.

I was a little disappointed, naturally. I never like to say I’ll do something and then fail. But I’m glad I had that dessert because it reminded me of how I get when I have sugar. Within 2 hours of having dessert, I was ready for my next sugar fix. Two hours later same again, and the same again until it was time for bed. Sugar is so addictive and really doesn’t help your body at all. My stomach felt so bloated, like something was about to burst through it, and yet I was still craving sweet food. When I didn’t have anything sweet for four hours after my meal, I was exhausted. I could’ve gone to sleep, something I haven’t felt since a week after giving up sugar.

So here is my advice to those who, like me, want to quit the white stuff. Do it! Give it up because you don’t gain anything from eating it. Your brain might convince you that it feels good to eat foods with added sugar, but your body hates it. All your body wants is good, wholesome food in the right proportions and it will thrive for you. I’m back on my no sugar eating plan and, despite eating sugar during Lent, I’m still gonna keep going. Not for Lent, for me, because when Lent’s over I want to keep my food healthy and clean and without added sugar. I’m not saying I’ll never eat foods without added sugar. Of course I will, but I’m not going to make them a part of my weekly intake. Special occasions only from now on.

I had to take my training steady today but I still worked my body hard. Here is my gym session below:

Warm up on the treadmill for 5 minutes

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) 20 minutes unbroken of:

  • 6 push ups
  • 9 air squats
  • 12 kettle bell swings (16kg KB)
  • 15 sit ups

I managed to do 10 rounds so I was pleased with this considering I hadn’t trained for 2 weeks. Next, four sets unbroken of:

  • cross trainer 3 minutes
  • 25 TRX squats
  • 20 walking lunges

This was nice to do as you can work as hard or easy as you want.Then, 3 sets of

  • 10 KB swings
  • 10 KB thrusters
  • 10 KB deadlift highpulls

Finished with 3 sets of 10 assisted pull-ups and some stretching.

Have a great week everyone!

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