Day 6 without sugar

Hi everyone!

Biscuits. That’s all I can think about – biscuits, biscuits and more biscuits. I never really eat biscuits and yet, since giving up sugar, it’s the food I’ve craved most. Despite the cravings, I have not succumbed to the temptation of the white stuff. It’s hard though, harder than I would have ever thought possible. After my disastrous swimming session on Friday where I had no energy and couldn’t lift my arms out of the water, I thought I’d need sugar to get me through the weekend. Instead I found a substitute, though I don’t think it’s a healthy one.

I train Monday through to Friday, basically when my daughter is in school. I drop her off in the morning then head straight to the gym or the pool and get my session done. I much prefer to do my sessions in the morning when I’ve got the most energy and it fits in perfectly with the school run. The weekend is my time with family and to catch up on the household chores that get pushed back during the week. Sometimes this feels like a training session in itself. However, without having the distraction and priority of training to keep my focussed, the weekend is when I struggle the most to resist temptation.

Saturday evenings are hard when we’re sitting down in the evening and watching a film together. Even before the film has started, I’m craving food, unhealthy food. The problem is, this need for food with a film has been drummed into us from an early age – when you’re a child you’re taken to the cinema and before you even get to the seats to watch the film, there are huge glass vats filled with popcorn and chocolates and sweets underneath bright spotlights begging to be eaten. So now, when we sit down to watch something, I automatically think of eating while watching.

However, this isn’t the worst time of the weekend for me. I struggled the most on Sunday afternoon. We’d just eaten roast dinner and both my husband and my daughter had pudding – a chocolate profiterole pudding! I couldn’t sit and watch them eat it so I had to go upstairs away from alluring smell of chocolate.

Instead of munching on chocolates and sweets and puddings, I turned to fruit bread and cheese. Not exactly the healthiest option I know, and certainly not one to have late in the evening, but it’s better than chowing down on a few chocolate bars. Fruit toast with butter, a few slices of cheese and a cup of tea worked wonders at reducing my cravings over the weekend. My plan for this week is to avoid having a lot of bread and cheese so late at night and to have eggs with veggies instead. I’m always hungry in the evening so I’m hoping that the protein and low carbs will help stave off the hunger pangs but not cause me to put on too much weight.

Speaking of which, I weighed yesterday and I’m now 11 stone and 11 pounds. The weight is slowly creeping down while my fitness levels are slowly creeping up. Consistency, determination and a positive attitude are the keys to success and I am constantly striving to continue with these.

To start the week off well, I went to the gym this morning. It wasn’t a long session (just under an hour) but it was a hard one, working on core, shoulders and quads.

Warm up – 5 minutes on stationary bike


  • elbows to knees crunches – bringing up both elbows to meet both knees and then returning to a flat position. 4 sets of 20 crunches.
  • kettle bell oblique side bends – one arm is holding the kettle bell while the other is up with your hand at you ear. 4 sets of 15 oblique bends on each side.
  • kettle bell swing raises – where your legs and hips don’t move, allowing the work o be done with shoulders and upper abs. 4 sets of 12 swing raises.

Rower sprints – this was fun yet surprisingly exhausting considering how little rowing is involved. 4 sets of 300m rows, sprinting, all out effort for 300m. To start with, I felt as though I’d row 300m in 30 seconds and then once I hit 150m, I was done. My legs started aching and my lungs were burning. I took a lot of rest after the sprints, probably around 2-3 minutes before starting the sprints again. My times were 1.06, 1.09, 1.09, and 1.12. As you can see, the last one nearly finished me off!

Finished with some Vipr presses, 4 sets of 15 presses, followed by lots of stretching.

I loved this workout as it incorporated high intensity training with the sprint rows along with core work and a little strength training for my shoulders.

That’s all for now. Have a great week everyone!



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