Gym and swim session

Hi everyone!

Well this week has been much better with regards to food. My food has been on point and I’ve not had chocolate all week! I am planning to have dessert tonight and on Sunday after dinner but that’s it. I’m hoping that when I step on the scales on Sunday I’ll have lost a little weight. I’ve been working hard in the gym and in the pool and want to ensure I don’t let myself down by gorging on food. So, I’m having yogurt or fruit as snacks during the day and not eating after 7pm. I’m exhausted though. My muscles were aching in the pool this morning and no matter how hard I pushed I couldn’t swim any faster. So, fingers crossed for Sunday!

This week I’ve done two gym sessions and three swim sessions. Below is the gym session I completed yesterday followed by my swim session from this morning.

Gym session

Warmed up with 5 min bike then moved on to the following set:

  • 40 squats – 40 toe touch sit ups
  • 30 squats – 30 toe touch sit ups
  • 20 squats – 20 toe touch sit ups
  • 10 squats – 10 toe touch sit ups

Then I completed the following set three times straight through for time – it was tough but felt good afterwards:

  • 800metre row
  • 20 crunches
  • 30 KB swings
  • 40 KB deadlift highpulls

After a little rest I completed three sets of the following:

  • 15 deadlifts with 20kg bar
  • 10 push ups
  • 5 assisted pull ups (can’t do them without help yet but give me time)

This one was a killer set as by my fifth push up my arms felt like lead so to them move on to complete five pull ups was a real challenge. I finished my gym session with 3 sets of 20kg bar clean and press with a minute rest between each set, followed by lots of stretching.


Swim session

Warm up

  • 300 metres (m) frontcrawl (f/s)
  • 200m f/s pull
  • 100m f/s kick
  • 150m backstroke (b/k)
  • 100m Individual medley (I.M.)
  • 50 breaststroke (br/s) kick

Main set – pyramids

  1. 50m f/s hard pace; 100m f/s easy; 150m f/s pull medium; 100m f/s drills; 50m f/s hard.
  2. 50m b/k kick; 100m I.M. drill; 150m split into 75m b/k, 75m br/s; 100m I.M.; 50m butterfly kick

Sprint set

24 x 25m f/s – 6 f/s pull easy; 6 f/s easy; 6 f/s pull sprint; 6 f/s sprint

Swim down

100m choice kick, 100 choice swim easy

Total = 2600 metres (104 lengths)


As you can probably see, I love pyramid sets whether I’m swimming or in the gym. They’re fun to do and you work really hard. I hope you like these sessions and have a great weekend everyone.

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