Juicing recipe


It’s Monday and you know what they say when you’re training for something –

NEVER miss a Monday!

I think this is true not only of training but of clean eating too and starting the day on a good note is essential. To try and ensure my family gets everything our bodies need, I make a juice first thing in the morning. Doing this in the morning means we get the nutrients we need whilst also putting us on the right track for the rest of the day.

The following recipe is adapted from Jason Vale’s book ‘The juice master – turbo-charge your life in 14 days’. The exact recipe is designed for those who are only drinking juice for 14 days but you can tailor it to meet your needs, which is what I did. This recipe makes 3 large glasses, enough for myself, my husband and our 7 year old daughter. Getting the vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables is crucial for all of us so it’s a bonus that my daughter loves this recipe. We all have a glass of this healthy juice every morning and once we start the day being healthy, we’re more conscious of staying healthy. I tend to have this juice as an accompaniment to either porridge or a banana. I hope you will give it a try.


  • 1/2 cucumber
  • 1/2 pineapple – peeled and quartered
  • large handful of spinach
  • 1 and 1/2 stalks of celery
  • 1/2 lime – skin removed
  • 4 apples – peeled and cored
  • 1/2 flesh of an avocado


  1. Wash all of the ingredients. Place the spinach in the stem of the juicer (I prefer to juice the veg first and it’s easier to put the spinach in at the start before the juicer is turned on).
  2. Turn on your juicer and juice the spinach, celery, cucumber, pineapple, lime and 3 of your four apples.
  3. Turn off you juicer and move over to your blender.
  4. Place into your blender 4 ice cubes, the remaining apple and the avocado flesh.
  5. Pour over your extracted juice and blend for 30-45 seconds on high.
  6. Enjoy!

This recipe is the best juice I’ve tried so please give it a go. Happy Monday!

5 thoughts on “Juicing recipe

      1. Hi Shay-lon
        I’m very sorry but I’m going to have to decline your generous nomination of my blog for the Liebster award. It sounds like a wonderful reward system and a great way to connect to others but I’m simply finding blogging difficult at present. Hopefully in the future I’ll be better at it.

        Thanks again for your support.

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      2. Steph,
        No problem, no pressure, you will soon find more about blogging and learn as you go. It takes time and I totally get where you are coming from considering I am still learning about blogging as well. Don’t give up, you have good content 🙂


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