First Week


As I stated in my first post, I knew when I started this journey that the exercise part wouldn’t be an issue for me. This week I’ve managed to complete one yoga session, three swim sessions of 2500m each and a gym session. Basically, I’ve trained every day this week with the plan to do a yoga session today and have Sunday off (who doesn’t need a day off right?).

No, the issue I have is with food. This week, despite starting really well with healthy eating, I’ve managed to incorporate into this week’s diet half a pizza, microwave chicken tikka, leftover Christmas chocolates (of which there were many) and a slice of Rocky Road. Should I be mad? The answer is a complicated one – yes and no.

Yes. I should be mad at myself because I wanted to start the new year off well. Eat clean and train mean. And then I allowed myself to slide back into old habits, ones that had caused me to gain weight in the first place. Something happened, time got away from me and suddenly I didn’t have enough time to cook real food. Instead I bought a microwave meal on the school run. Ten minutes and poof, food is ready. And once I’ve started on the unhealthy track I can’t stop myself, hence the chocolates.

But life is sometimes a little more complicated than that which is why I shouldn’t be mad at myself. The old me wouldn’t have thought there was anything wrong with what I’d done. I would have rationalised it as a necessary evil to the week I’ve had and made it okay in my mind. Now that I recognise the signs of what caused me to slip back into eating junk means I can prevent the same thing from occurring again next week. That’s the difference.

Habits aren’t changed overnight. They take time to develop. It can take a week or two or even longer to get yourself on the right path. The other meals and snacks I ate were healthy – fruit, cooked veggies, handful of nuts and a slice of toast with nut butter. Now I have a goal to work on for next week. Time management is crucial to us all and ensuring I have enough time to cook a healthy meal is critical to achieving my goals. Hopefully next week I’ll succeed.

Below is one of the swim sessions I did this week. I’m not a fast swimmer but I do having a swimming background. However, this session can be completed by anyone who enjoys swimming and can swim front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke. I should note that some of the workout incorporates butterfly too, however, I have a shoulder injury from my swimming days and can’t swim butterfly much. So for these portions I either swim butterfly drill (alternating single arm butterfly) or front crawl. Enjoy!

Warm-up = 200metres front crawl, 100m back crawl, 200m front crawl pull (having a pull buoy between your legs and only using your arms), 100m breaststroke, 100m kick

Main set = 4 x 100m front crawl (30 seconds rest after each 100m),                                         8 x 50m – 25m back crawl then 25m breaststroke (15 seconds rest after each 50m)                                    8 x 25m Individual medley order (1 length of butterfly; back crawl; breaststroke; front crawl then repeat. Rest 10 seconds after each length)                                                                               100m kick – nice and easy to give you a chance to recover                                                                                                                           12 x 25m – 1 length front crawl as fast as possible, 1 length back crawl slow and easy to get your breath back, then repeat this six times with 10 seconds rest after each 25m

Cool down = 100m easy kick, 100m easy swim

Total = 2500m – well done!


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